Annoyed a lot with ChatGPT app. It wasting my time with horrible audio processing

I had this error so many times in my main phone : Xiaomi 12 Lite (2203129G) and many other phones too

This issue persists also on my xiaomi tablets. I am about to give up about using ChatGPT for audio purposes.

in fact I have a vision impairment, and can’t look at phone’s screen for a long time

Every time I am trying to use waves icon at ChatGPT, with perfect wifi, and perfectly new settings of the phone with 100% permission granted for chatgpt app - after recording me for 5 minutes, it says “Network error”, later it says “try again”

It is very annoying, because I put so much efforts and soul into creating a prompt, to receive that my audio wasn’t processed at the end?

You guys just wasting my time, and it makes me feel miserable. For years asking your company only for 1 thing - stability in audio processing. With all your success, and hype, why Telegram, WhatsApp and other apps are okay with audio, and why my experience with ChatGPT app have to be SO HORRIBLE?!

if your app doesn’t work normally, why you can’t just enable users to access this feature in your web version at least?

fixed: Freed up some space on the device. Which is still annoying, because instead of saying true reason it give network ERROR, which is complete bs