An open-source API to easily use OpenAI embeddings in production


Just wanted to share Embedbase. Embedbase is an open-source API to easily use OpenAI embeddings in production.

Started out as an internal API for an Obsidian plugin I developed called AVA. We use it in AVA to find similar notes (see small demo), but you can potentially use it to do anything that OpenAI embeddings can do.

Example of a ChatGPT powered for your documentation:

You can have a look at the GitHub repo here:

Would love to get some feedback!

PS: try out the ChatGPT powered documentation, there are tutorials to build it for yourself :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. Will you be adding support for Weaviate?

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Yes :slight_smile:. Curious what use case would you need Weaviate for rather than Pinecone?

Thanks for the response. Mostly because Weaviate is open-source, and it also has more features.

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Just shipped a playground to try :slight_smile:

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It supports & uses Supabase as vector database FYI now :slight_smile: