An alien question suddenly replaced my unfinished prompt

A strange thing happened to me yesterday: I was typing in my prompt, and before I was finished, my text suddenly vanished and, as if I had just submitted totally other prompt, I saw an alien question to appear on the top of the message list, and ChatGPT streaming its response tokens to answer it. Something about request to write an email to get quote on reverse plumbing cleaning something something. Definitely not in my current list of tasks. I even checked if I somehow inadvertently copied something in my clipboard and this was unintentional paste+enter. So, I’m sorry for the homeowner who needed that email, wherever you are, I know what you are up to now!

This exchange of messages was then properly saved to my session history, but I was not willing to keep this unasked trophy and deleted it. But if this kind of thing can happen at all, it is kind of worrying. Is OpenAI aware of such possibility?