Ambassadors program, question about state

openai has a developer advocate program, however it stayed the same for a very long time and half of calendars are not available

OpenAI Platform - this link is not even published anywhere

Is this program alive?

I talked for a few ambassadors a while back and it was great experience

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Interesting question, I would imagine those with active calendars are still around.
I’m not sure how the arrangement was funded or used by dev’s. The number of developers was much lower back then, so perhaps there was more time for interactions between staff, advocates and developers, I’m hoping to bridge that gap the best I can.

I’ll be posing a bunch of questions like this on DevDay to try and come up with some solutions for developers now.


Reviewing the list, it seems to be self-promoters and writers. It was probably an attempt to latch on to some influencers for publicity when they needed more rather than less publicity.

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naw we’re real people. we’ve loved OpenAI API and tech for years and just like helping people be productive. can still book time with us OpenAI Platform


yup. we’re still around! find us in discord, on that link you linked or on the socials. i’m doing more meetings that ever!

more tech, more help!


echoing this – the program was founded more than three years ago and the needs of the community have changed substantially since our initial offerings in 2020/2021. we’re all still quite active and accessible – the means of reaching us have changed to given our own individual life constraints, where we best serve the organization and the community, etc.


im sorry you feel this way, but this is incorrect, please don’t draw conclusions wantonly like that, it doesn’t help anybody

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