Amar dike takaben na!

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Amar dike takaben na!


Amar dike takaben na!|Foreign tourists are still very much a novelty to many Bangladeshis: kids see you as a toy to play with, while others see you as their opportunity to practice their English with endless enthusiasm. Most however, are content to just look… and look… and look. If it becomes too much, ‘‘Amar dike takaben na’’ roughly means “please stop staring at me!”… but use the exclamation sparingly, since most Bangladeshis will think they are favouring you by admiring you so much publicly.

Most Bangladeshis are religious but fairly liberal and secular points of view are not uncommon. The people are in general very hospitable, and a few precautions will keep it this way:

  • As in most neighboring countries, the left hand is considered unclean and is used for toilet duties, removing shoes, etc. Hence, always use your right hand to offer or receive anything, and to bring food to your mouth.

  • Local People Starts talking each other with religious greetings. Example: Muslims give Salam to each other commonly).

  • Men, especially strangers and foreigners, should never attempt to shake hands with or touch local women & MD ash; simply put your hand on your heart and bow slightly to greet.

  • Women travelling without men may find it slightly harder to get an auto-rickshaw driver who will take them to their destination.

  • Mosques are sometimes off-limits to non-Muslims and certain areas of them off-limits to women. Inquire with someone at the mosque before entering and before taking any pictures. Cover your head and arms and legs, and take off your shoes before entering.

  • Standing from your seat and bowing slightly to greet elderly individuals will gain you respect and social approval. Do not refer to your elders or those in socially senior positions to you (i.e.: doctors, professors/teachers, religious leaders, etc.) by their first names; this is considered extremely rude and utmost lay derogatory. Children do not call their parents by their first or last names, and in some regions of the country, wives do not call their husbands by their first names either.

  • Keep in mind that Bangladesh sees only a tiny number of foreign visitors, and most locals will be genuinely curious about you, watching your every move and expression. Don’t underestimate how impressionable some can be, make sure you’re leaving good ones!

  • Also keep in mind, that whenever you enter someone’s home, take off your shoes before you enter. Wearing shoes into someone’s home is considered extremely rude and insulting.

*Discussing or being a part or the LGBT community is a huge taboo and according to the law, the punishment for homosexuals is up to life imprisonment.