Am I paying by the token at the public ChatGPT website?

I have API access, GPT-4 access, and a webpage that’s using GPT-4.

I never bothered w/ the $20 Plus account. I also sometimes still visit the free ChatGPT website.

Now I notice a lump of traffic on my billing at about the same time I was on the free website today.

And I’m trying to figure out, was that me on the free site? or was that actual traffic on my webpage?

I don’t begrudge OpenAI the dollar, I’m just trying to understand my stats.

They’re totally separate billing and ChatGPT free is free… I’ve found the ChatGPT Plus at $20 useful even with access to the GPT-4 API and occasionally use it after midnight.

Did you see a sudden burst of traffic on your site that didn’t convert or something?

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Well, webstats don’t tell me who’s actually using the bot, and I’m still wrestling w/ PHP and JS getting the website to record the conversation.

I got to get back to work on that PHP problem :confused:

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