Alpha Model Missing ChatGPT

I’ve been using the ChatGPT Alpha model for the last few days. I logged off ChatGPT after asking it for some help with coming up with a recipe for pasta. When I logged back on, I realized the Alpha model had completely disappeared. Is it just me, or was it removed because it was for testing purposes, or something else?

Any ideas about what happened to it, it’s still missing.

me too i have same issue , no idea why it’s disappeared.

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I’m getting the same thing except I was logged in and getting server errors for hours then it disappeared after I tried to use it and it gave me some weird code message (v = \sqrt{\frac{(6.67430 \times 10^{-11} \ \text{m}^3 \ \text{kg}^{-1} \ \text{s}^{-2}) \times (7.342 \times 10^{22} \ \text{kg})}{8740000 \ \text{m}}) being the message I got then it suddenly disappeared and I was stuck talking to gpt 3.5 in the same conversation and it gave me a tiny message about a version change saying that the previous model for this conversation is no longer avalible