Almost 2024 and gpt4 still lazy refuses to write long code 20x longer and remove the crippling paste limit

almost 2024 and gpt4 is still lazy refuses to write full long code and remove the crippling paste limit as the ai needs to be able to do 20 times what it can write back and same with what you can paste into the text prompt box

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The irony was delicious and fully satiated me. Thank you.
Also, can you please stop creating new threads.

You probably could have typed out this drawn-out code in this timeframe.

ronald playing god never solves any problems also what do you mean new threads this is clearly my first one

Maybe it was a bug but I saw multiple threads. Sorry about that.

I was just hungry.

GPT isn’t lazy.

If your code is so long that it’s passing the token limit you may want to consider breaking it down.

emphassis on playing god as you never will be one actually anyways censoring people posts also never solves any problems either as clearly you do not know what it takes to make a multiplayer FPS

I am completely okay with this.

So you are building a multiplayer FPS? Sounds pretty cool.

You’re right. I wasn’t intending on censoring your post, I just found it ironic that you are calling GPT lazy when you are having it create/read hundreds of lines of code so that you don’t have to.

I am also lazy and offload work to GPT :sweat_smile:

wow really Ronald you are doing the same thing amazing stuff using chat gpt to do work and what also is amazing is your blocking posts from gaining traction if it shreds bad light on chat gpt when in reality it is just constructive criticism

You’re right. I’ll just let this fade into the abyss. Good talk