Allow users to trim unnecessary branches

Allow users to trim unnecessary branches, for example, here I only need 2/2 content. I speculate that 1/2 content might still slow down responses and occupy the maximum conversation length. Allowing users to trim unnecessary branches can make the conversation look cleaner and enable users to enjoy longer conversation

Trimming unnecessary branches really can improve performance!
One of my conversations “The conversation is too long”. Because it was crucial to me, after exporting data, I imported the text from ‘chat.html’ into a new conversation. Due to the inclusion of a large number of ‘User’ and ‘ChatGPT’ labels, the word count was even higher than the original. However, the new conversation can continue normally, and the response generation speed is much faster than the old one. I truly believe that OpenAI could introduce a feature allowing users to trim unnecessary branches,it would be really useful!

Does nobody care about this issue? I genuinely believe this would be a very useful feature!