Allow Internet-connected searches to reference numerous source documents

Internet-connected requests that require review of numerous documents don’t seem to work. For example: “Provide a list of 15 prompt engineering techniques that have emerged over the past 2 years, and define the essential idea and events of each one.”

I get a response that begins like this: “I’m unable to retrieve a list of 15 prompt engineering techniques along with their essential ideas and events from the past two years as requested.”

ChatGPT is capable of answering questions like this based on data it’s been trained with, but not with data it retrieves from the Internet. I’d like to see this scenario enabled with improvements to its Internet query capabilities.

Even though ChatGPT claimed to be incapable and failed to deliver a worthy response, when I tapped on the Bing search it did, it showed that query actually pulled up a list of good answers. It just didn’t report them to the ChatGPT web app.