Allow all chats created in sidebar to learn from one another & allow for more than three plugins

Topic: Adding more than three plugins to a sidebar chat and allowing all chats to learn from one another.

This would allow all chats to benefit from shared knowledge and ideas, as well as provide more opportunities for collaboration and problem-solving. It could also be an excellent way to engage users, as they could interact with other chats in a more meaningful way. The chats and evolution of this implementation would be immense. This could lead to increased user satisfaction, improved productivity, and ultimately, greater success for users. Additionally, it could be a very effective way to create a more inclusive platform experience. Adding more than three plugins to a side would allow for greater customization, enabling users to tailor their chat environment to their specific needs. This would increase user engagement, as users would be able to find and interact with the plugins that best fit their needs.

Also need to implement a way to sort, search, and categorize all chats in the sidebar full of chats.

Problem: AI can’t even understand the depth of a single chat session due to context length limitation.

Problem 2: Chats are logical separations between topics that you control. My python coder can’t learn from orange cat names or menu translations.