All previous ChatGPT history gone?

History already came back, how about you?

Still not for me, unfortunately. Not sure they acknowledge it

For the past four days, I’ve been unable to view my conversation history and am uncertain about where to submit a support ticket. It’s quite unexpected for a company that aspires to revolutionize customer support worldwide to lack even a chatbot for addressing technical concerns or providing guidance on submitting tickets.


I’m using an outlook address

@logankilpatrick another thread FYI - please advise? Three threads in total. A lot of noise on discord and Twitter too…

My plus membership account still has no history and it’s a log in with continue with google. Just to try something out I made a second account also with gmail but did the email and password authentication and that was has chat history. It’s pretty frustrating because I can’t save any of my plus chats but the free account can save them. I hope they can fix the issue soon

I’m a Plus subscriber, and I also get “Unable to load history,” regardless of the device or browser I’m using. I’ve logged off and back on, cleared cache and cookies, etc. Nothing works. It’s very frustrating.

UPDATE: My history is now back and working.

Delete all my chat history by mistake, how do I recover it?

It’s not so much losing history, it’s now that it’s saying the conversation is not found.
Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes, its happening to me, I hope it goes back to normal soon.

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Mine are all working again, hope yours are too.

i was also facing the same issue but than i tried these method and now everything is working well

I’m a plus subscriber did not install any plug-ins. I lost all of my chat history. Just started making new ones lost those. They came back a few days later but I never got back the initial big lost chats. I sincerely hope they’re going to figure something out or pull some of the back ups and provided by a API or something cause I lost some really really important stuff

Well, I too was extremely frustrated by this missing chat history. But last night, I found a guy on YouTube who suggests possible solutions and got me out of the problem within a minute. It works for almost everybody. Let me share his video with you.

Here it is: ChatGPT: Unable To Load History | How To Fix Chat GPT “History Temporarily Unavailable” Error - YouTube

Let me know if it worked for you too.

For all those who are potentially worried about losing access to previous chats, you can now download them all.


Does history missing again? Seem these records can’t loading