All previous ChatGPT history gone?

I logged out of my account and then logged back in. My history came back!!!


Yes, my chat history has been gone for about a week now. I have the paid version and I’m considering cancelling. I got this message in my account that gives me some hope though: “Not seeing what you expected here? Don’t worry, your conversation data is preserved! Check back soon.”

Ok, I haven’t done that yet. I’ll try logging out and back in again. Hopefully that will work!

same here. All my history is gone and won’t recover no matter how many times I re-logged in. A bit frustrating and inconvenient. OpenAI engineers please do something about it.

Yes, that did the trick! Thanks for posting that.


Yes, log out and then log in worked like a charm!
Thank you!

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In my case, my whole drop-list menu is not appear

i tried that extension, but when I use ChatGPT it doesn’t work

I think OpenAI want us to pay to get the history back, They could just tell us to pay.

My history is still there, but admittedly I am on the paid plan.

there is some1 mentioned that, and I tried it. it solved.
Logout and login.

Thanks for trying, Martial. There was an issue with the extension that would cause it to stop working in some cases. I’ve already made a fix for this issue and am waiting for it to be released by Chrome. Firefox has been updated already. In the meantime, feel free to disable the extension if you are having trouble using ChatGPT until the new version comes out. You can also try using Firefox since it’s already updated on Firefox. Sorry for the inconvenience. Once version 2.4.0 is released, and you update your extension, you should be able to use all the features as before.
FYI. We have a new Discord server. It’s a good place to stay up to date with the latest developments Superpower ChatGPT

Try installing the unofficial desktop app, it worked for me. GitHub - lencx/ChatGPT: :crystal_ball: ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)

Mine too, all gone! I wonder if this is not a ploy to get us on the paid version, which I am reluctant to do for now, because I’m not certain how stable it is yet.

meanwhile everythingg is back online as it seems: my chat history is fully restored, exactly as the OpenAI team announced. Thanks guys’n girls, great work!

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It has returned today for me. Thanks to the team working for it.

Same thing here…all gone… can’t even see the one I did just yesterday.

Log out before log in, that worked.


Yes, it’s lost some of our most useful conversations. And yes, more than once, the entire history has gone pfffft. Disappointing.

I capture and backup most of my work with ChatGPT. But, the impermanence of the data is keeping me from signing up for ChatGPT 4.