All my chat conversations are gone, I did allow to save them and did not clicked to clear them

If you still have issue with conversations or history gone or missing, please like/comment here and make your voice heard!

This Previous bug from JANUARY (on the community of openai: /t/all-my-conversations-gone/33549) is still happening (~10 months old) and now it is November.

I opened this Topic to voice my disagrement, let other know what service/experience and level of care they pay for and to let others know how much they can trust OpenAI about developing/dealing with AI and their data and how much openAI care (action and not empty talk is what care is shown fundamentally!) for them as a ‘paying customer/user’!

Here is the thing:
I lost ALL my supposedly ‘saved’ conversations from one hour to the next. I did not do any special thing and immediately I researched in the FAQ about this and do all the browser things and clear cache use private tab etc, than I tried to contact openAI, however I DID NOT get any usable help on nor other than circling back and refer me to the FAQ, and there is not a real quick and LIVE, competent support channel to deal with such important and frustrating issue when especially is not caused by the user or worst openAI even knows about an issue yet, avoiding to come forward with it and do a real handling by restore user information/data etc after a bug have been found or discovered using existing backup/archive data.

I am really disappointed to face such issue and get NO HELP LITERALLY! C’on…do not tell me that to refer me to the FAQ is really a help, when in fact missing conversations has really nothing to do with the browser, if they do, it is really really a shitty architectural design that is a new born baby level solution/choice or made by a team that is very very irresponsible.

Further I found that “there is NO …”:

  • read-only access log (to see when, from where, and on what device/browser/channel).
  • proper YubiKey 2FA or any other sensible, properly implemented 2FA that can secure the account. (3rd party solutions like SSO is a joke in my opinion, as that is just a time-bomb waiting to blow up, as that is a single point of failure and one hack of the SSO can effect other part of our digital informations.)
  • way to invalidate all sessions either at the time of changing to a new password or to force one once user is logged in and verified by 2FA.

It is unthinkable for me in 2023, that there exist such a company that working on advanced AI technology without regular user data backup/archive that can be just rolled back to undo/fix data lost or corruptions due to bug/hacking/even-user-error, and that there is no email confirmation request/requirement if one wants to really CLEAR ALL the conversations. Nada.

This makes me wonder how much of the training data and the AI’s knowledge is backed-up and protected and on what level? What kind of security wall is built to control the AI’s access to the outside and is it really secure or even cared for to be built properly?

I think there should be a limit of stupidity and irresponsibility.

If anyone (aka customer/user) paying for a service I think it is the minimum to get the following:

  • Care for the protection and security of the customer’s information
  • If a customer has lost any information/data, especially if it is due to incompetent or bad design or bug, at least he should have a possibility to have a fast/quick, efficient and competent Support line/channels for him as a paying customer.
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have you gotten any responses? all my conversations are gone after new update, I can’t access my conversations which were very important to me with much valued information to me and my business. let me know if you have gotten any help, as you said their current methods haven’t worked for me either.

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No, I have not yet. Now it is 19 days of constant, persistent try and try and try to get to a human support that I should have gotten at least once after many months of paying without failure the subscription fee. At least once!

I just get BS bots and I tried over 12x and I can escape the stupid bot’s loop in support, just to get nowhere. In the last few of my rating of the bot, I mentioned down-counted how many days left of my current Plus subscription before the actual cancellation in effct.

I tried the Discord, nothing helpful I got. There at the Discord I do not think any actual staff or let alone an moderator or someone, other than just members. That felt, like OpenAI created Discord channels just so that user can discuss but there is no any legitimate staff who actually has any level of real support at all.

I am reall do not understand how any company where someone pay any subscription cannot get to an actual human that can help in issues.

I get AI, obviously, but the level of bot (which is actually areally dumb newborn baby, as a really human baby a genius compared to it) is too much creating a circular black whole for paying or not paying customers/users issues to NOT Deal with it.

I do not get the hype behind all that dumbness, and loophole!

I really hope this will be corrected as it is looking very very bad for an company with the kind of mission openAI has, it is like talking to Apple, MS or Google support, but worst as there at least I get to a human and after countless talks back and forth most of the time the issue is resolved positively at the end, here just circling and circling around in an infinite loop of bot of help/support!