Ai is generating extra punctuation

ai is generating extra punctuation like . or \ to the begining or end of the output. or not writing anything and only returning a . i turned off Temperature, frequency_penalty, presence_penalty
& top_p. they are set to zero. im using davinci 3. does anyone know what is causing this?

Screenshot 2023-03-29 215949

also adding partial sentences before the entire output
Screenshot 2023-03-29 220854

this is occuring on every thing i use across the board. so prompt isnt the culprit.

The most likely case is that it might be trying to finish the last command you gave it. If it is a question, add a ?, if it is a sentence, add a .

By making it obvious to gpt that you have finished that sentence, it will not generate these.

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ok thank you im testing to see if that works. the model isnt the issue. at least i dont think so because i dont have this issue on other things i use

ok i will also try this, that is a good point also. maybe it isnt understanding the sentence structure