Ai generator app using chat gpt,dall-e

i was creating an app but it is not fetching the API , it is giving an error
[2023-04-07T16:25:17.297Z] Executed ‘Functions.getChatGPTSuggestion’ (Failed, Id=032667c8-3dfd-479d-af93-3828403596eb, Duration=339ms)
[2023-04-07T16:25:17.297Z] System.Private.CoreLib: Exception while executing function: Functions.getChatGPTSuggestion. System.Private.CoreLib: Result: Failure
[2023-04-07T16:25:17.297Z] Exception: Request failed with status code 401
[2023-04-07T16:25:17.297Z] Stack: Error: Request failed with status code 401

You’ve created the app?
How? Which tools did you use?
I mean beside using .net.
Do you have some code to share?

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i have created an image generator app using chat gpt and dall-e
sorry i can’t share the code

But why? I guess 90% of the people here could do that in 24 hours…