AI Doctor - Can AI replace doctors?

This is such a hot topic. AI certainly cant replace doctors however it is definitely capable to help doctors and medical students with their day to day task.

I made this app for doctors and medical students (using ChatGPT API) so that they can get differential diagnosis for any sign, symptom, report, history, or condition. They can also get the normal range for any blood investigations for their patients and access information about any drug or medicine, including side effects, adverse reactions, precautions, and contraindications. Furthermore, doctors can get information about any medical condition or disease, including symptoms, signs, investigations, prevalence, treatment, and prevention, as well as recommended investigations for a patient or a suspected diagnosis or condition.

Fortunately, its approved by Google and its now on PlayStore. Hopefully it will be approved in Apple store soon. Please review this and let me know how it looks and if you have any suggestions. Primary feedback that I received from doctor friends is very encouraging.

AI Doctor