AI assistant in App (context lenght or upload file)

Hello everyone,
I have to use the Ai assistant system in my Unreal Engine app (c++), I could implement the normal GTP API using json calls.

I could get the python code working in VS Code, but I can’t see how to upload a file just like the GPTs and playground let’s you to do while creating the assistant, I’m not sure if the lenght of 32768 elements that the instructions can hold can be that.

So I’m also looking for recomendations or the guiadance of someone that could archieve using the AI assistant through Unreal Engine.

I have to use a lot of context because I’m creating a tutor that helps you answer 100 questions, I’m not sure if by using a model such as gpt-4 or 3.5 turbo I’m now able to use a large context.

Thank you for your attention.