After Days I can't Login to ChatGPT

  • I’ve looked at the guide on here, it’s Not me, it’s you guys.

When I try to Log In I get the message:

We ran into an issue while signing you in,
please take a break and try again soon.

Every day I try at different times and get the same message.
It seems to be an Authentication Error??

(Mods - please Don’t delete this post like you did with my ideas and suggestions post.)

I had, the same problem. I just сhanged browser, from firefox to chromium, and it helped.

Magically it all works now, didn’t need to do anything.
They knew there was a problem with the Authentication.

I’m a little shocked even my ideas and suggestions post made it.
((Would just like to clarify when I made that post, I had not used any other A.I. at that time, though found out later that other companies have already developed some the ideas I suggested.))

im having the same problem now , used Firefox and chrome still the same problem, plus i pay for chat GTP plus … not sure what is going on