Advocating for a Student Plan: Bringing GPT-4 to the Classroom!

Hey fellow OpenAI enthusiasts!

I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to start a discussion about the possibility of OpenAI introducing a Student Plan for GPT-4. As we’ve seen with the incredible capabilities of GPT-3.5, the potential applications for education are vast, and many students and educators alike have benefited from integrating AI language models into their learning environments.

Now, with the release of GPT-4, it’s the perfect time to advocate for a dedicated Student Plan.

Many schools are blocking ChatGPT due to the fact that having a chatbot that can generate high-quality content and essays (and more thanks to the API) seems to be unethical.

In any case, this idea is great. They could put an option to instruct ChatGPT not to give the answer instantly so that the student thinks, for example.