Adding a 'Question Tree' Feature to ChatGPT for Easy Navigation

Hi GPT Team,

Thank you for all your work to help us have a better service on ChatGPT. I found ChatGPT helpful, especially when I’m learning stuff and new concepts.

However, I found it kinda annoyed when I asked a new question based on an original question, after I finished reading the answer, I had to scroll a long way back to the original one. It gets worse when I’ve asked multiple questions based on the original one. Sometimes it will take a while for me to find the original questions.

So I feel like you could add an optional feature to mark out the important questions that we might come back to repeatedly.

Or, I have a little fancy idea of which to create a tree structure for the conversation into different hierarchies. We can put the original questions on the higher/previous hierarchy instead of putting all Q&As into a simple linear order. So in that case, when we finish viewing the related derived question, we could easily go back to the original one by tracking its hierarchy. And the tree will also store all the related derived questions under the original one.

Hope I address my concerns well and clearly. Looking forward to your response! Really appreciate y’all!!


I agree, not being able to quickly find a tree where you asked for several reformulations and went from there and again asked other reformulations down the line is crucial to find something we had generated.
Also, it would be beneficial to be granted the deletion of generated content.
If I don’t like a generation, I just want it gone

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I definitely agree. We generally need more freedom and control to edit and design our conversation flows.

I think OpenAI should hire a web development team to enhance the features of ChatGPT interface, just providing a robust model isn’t sufficient for the price they are charging.

I would like to bump this, an “edit tree” would be so amazing. After a few edits in multiple parts of a chat, the number of combinations can grow massively. Being able to visualize the edits, maybe in a literal graphical tree, would be very helpful.