Achieving diarization for transcribed text only by prompting

What we do

Applying diarization for ranscribed text(Japanese) to improve its readability.
Meetings we transcribe would be 30min - 1h30min long.
We are currently trying some python libraries to achieve diarization.


If possible, achieving diarization for transcribed text only by prompting would be the best as we believe it is the quickest & easiest way for automation.
Or any other solution that gives faster result than currently we are trying.

Feel free to ask me if you need further information.

Diarization using prompting alone may give some results, but they will be not ideal. So basically it boils down how critical it is for your use case to have precise diarization.

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Thank you for your answer. Fully agree with your point.
I honeslty doubted myself questioning this as it may contain some techinical dificullties which even cannot be achieved manually by human.

The main challenge will be the fact that in a real conversation it rarely happens that one person’s speech is followed by another’s. Normally there’s a lot of interruptions whch make it extremely challenging to diarise without source voice.

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