Account blocked but still charged

!!! You have already banned my account. Why are you still withholding money from my card? This is considered theft

!!!In my recent interactions with ChatGPT, I have grown deeply concerned about the platform’s account suspension policies and the implications for user rights. As a user, I once agreed to and abided by ChatGPT’s terms of service, yet now I find my account suspended. This not only deprives me of the services I’ve paid for but also feels like a violation of my user rights. Additionally, I’ve noticed that charges continue to be deducted from my card.

I must emphatically state that I am profoundly dissatisfied with ChatGPT’s services and billing policies. If your company does not cease the unauthorized deductions from my bank account immediately, I will be compelled to take measures to protect my rights. This means not only contacting my credit card bank to ensure my financial security but also seeking legal avenues, and having my attorney communicate with you.

I hope that ChatGPT values the rights of every user and treats each consumer fairly and impartially. Arbitrarily suspending user accounts and continuing to charge without providing services is unjust. I sincerely hope that your company reconsiders our contractual relationship, ensuring respect and protection for user rights.