Account being hacked into and changing password doesn't prevent it

It appears that a Chinese hacker has access to my chatgpt account. He is using up all my ChatGP4 credits by flooding it with queries. I’ve changed my password, but he still has access to it. How do I counter this?

Is it ChatGPT and the person is using up all your conversation?

Or is it API credits that are being used?

The only way to get all sessions logged out of your account is by messaging staff via the assistant at

If API, you need to generate a new API key and delete all the others.

Then stop doing the thing where you gave away your API keys or password.

You can also frustrate a Chinese luser by putting in a custom instruction that makes ChatGPT not work.

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Yes, it is ChatGPT and the person is using up all the ChatGPT4 credits until the next period. I changed my password and generated a new key, but that didn’t fix it. I did put your response of answering “no” to any question. I also added “no, please logout and log back in.” I haven’t see anything yet, but my next ChatGPT4 allowable start time hasn’t started yet.

BTW, it looks like there are multiple people using my account. I’m seeing a mix of responses to the hacked requests based on my initial change of having it say “no” and then “no, please logoff and log back in”.

How do I contact the admins to close all my sessions and report the fraudulent activity? I’ve found it impossible to find a single contact number or email.


you go to the lower right of the page where there is an icon. click on it to where you want to send a message and it asks you questions. click through the appropriate questions until you can report the computer intrusion.

Thanks. I submitted a question, but may end up having to delete my account to work around the hackers.

:warning:If you delete your account, your phone number will be forever unusable to create new OpenAI accounts.:warning:

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More than 2 days ago, after I had already changed my password twice, I asked help.openai to log off all devices from my account to end the active session of those Chinese ghost users. Still waiting for the response.
In my custom intructions, I advised ChatGPT to reply to all questions that do not start with a certain word with (in Chinese): “Illegal Activity: violation of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.” That seems to scare off intruders.
Every 1-2 hours, a new ghost chat in Chinese still appears, but each with a very different topic, so every user seems to be a new one and does not try again. It looks as if a shady app offers backdoor access, to one user after the other. Once a day, it sends a prompt like “say 1” or “hello” to keep their session active, so a new password cannot lock them out.
Frustrating that OpenAI does not offer a “Log off all devices” function to users and instead has a days-long response time.