Account admin center unreachable after expired team subscription


I subscribed to a monthly ChatGPT Team plan on January 15th. Some time later, I migrated my personal workspace to the team workspace. A couple of my colleagues joined the Team workspace, One of them merged their workspaces, like me, the other one did not. Both of them have the same issues as me now, even the person that should still have a personal workspace.

We wanted to move to an yearly plan. We did not see an option in the admin page to switch from a monthly to an yearly automatically. I reached out to support and they told me to let our monthly subscription expire and then subscribe to an yearly plan.

So I did. The monthly subscription expired on February 15th. On the 16th, I tried opening the chat . openai . com page, but I am always forwarded to the page, which is completely empty, no error or anything. I tried going to the and pages directly, but they also forward me to the “deactivated” page.
(The spaces between the dots in the URLs are to comply with forum limits to not have web links in posts.)

We have tried Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Safari - all have the same behaviour. I even tried the Android app - upon logging in there, the app gets stuck on an endless spinner animation. There’s clearly an account state that is not handled correctly in OpenAI’s back-end.

I am still able to reach the page, so my account is most definitely active.

I have raised two tickets with the OpenAI support, but they are ignoring me and leaving messages on “seen”, which is why I am reaching out to the community for ideas. Has anyone ran into this issue and managed to solve it?

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This OpenAI Discourse forum is actually for OpenAI API developers and not monitored by ChatGPT group. However the ChatGPT group did create the OpenAI Discord forum and do have a channel for reporting bugs

The tickets are your best hope but the Discord forum is another option. :slightly_frowning_face:

OpenAI support messaged me this morning. In short, they acknowledged this has been a bug, which is now fixed. I now managed to go into the workspace and successfully pay for our yearly team plan.


Thank you for the follow-up.

As moderators, we frequently encounter issues that require OpenAI staff intervention, leaving us unable to resolve them independently. Witnessing successful outcomes is reassuring.