Accessing ChatGPT - Sorry, you have been blocked

Dear ChatGPT Experts,

I got this “Sorry, you have been blocked” message today when accessing ChatGPT. I do use VPN for work-related assignments but I never used ChatGPT when on VPN, my guess is I forgot to turn off VPN and used ChatGPT without knowing.

I was told to contact help centre in the link but it doesn’t have a way to message or email the support technician.

How do I get unblocked?



Dear ChatGPT Experts,

Nevermind, I fixed the issue.

Hi Kevin. How did you fix the problem?

Hi Kevin
I got the same issue
How did you fix it?

Hi, did you get it resolved as I just got blocked and wasn’t using VPN. If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. thanks