Access User Feedback on Public GPTs

I released 3 GPTs to the public. I can see that people have left comments/feedback, but I can’t figure out how to read the feedback.

Does anyone know how to access these comments?


Same doubt here.
I’ve been browsing the internet but I can’t find an answer for that.

Hi. I’ve been trying to understand this and came to the conclusion that only mygpt’s that are public (with or without link) have comments. I’ve been testing mygpt’s like a regular user. I came to think that maybe those aren´t comments but they represent how many times that gpt has been used.
Is it possible?

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Yeah, I landed on the fact that those are the number of “conversations” users have had with my GPTs. Hopefully, they will roll out a way to rate and leave comments in the future.


That would be really nice.
Btw, what are your gpts?

That should be arriving most surely when they roll out the store, in early 2024 (unless it gets de-prioritised again).