Access to newest models for open source developers

Hi, I’m working on one of the open source AI modules for Drupal called AI Interpolator, that makes it possible to chain different AI tools.

Examples of video tutorials can be found by googling “workflows of ai drupal”.

The module can be found by googling “AI Interpolator”.

(Sorry, not allowed to post links).

Via my companies account I have access to a lot more models than I have on my personal account, which makes developing certain features harder, since its mostly a personal project going forward.

Does anyone know who to contact or how to get access to the latest models on a personal account? I don’t mind paying for it, even if I give away the code for free, I just want access to more complex models.

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You should have access to all the models with your API account.

What do you see listed in the Playground?

You are right, sorry - I was looking for an older model that is not supported anymore.

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No problem! Hope you stick around. We’ve got a great community garden growing here for AI developers. Lots of value… and perks once you reach Trust Level 3!


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