Access to GPT4 turbo fine-tuning for scientific benchmarking

Hi there,

for one part of my master’s thesis, I would like to fine-tune GPT4 turbo and benchmark it on the MultimedQA dataset.

My research will be based on these 2 papers here:
Capabilities of GPT-4 on Medical Challenge Problems
Large language models encode clinical knowledge

I have already tried to request access to fine-tuning GPT4 here, but I am not invited.

Would it be possible to get access if I can prove that the GPT4 fine-tuning would only be used for academic purposes at the University of Oxford?

I would obviously like to publish my results and I am confident that a fine-tuned GPT4 turbo could beat the previous SOTA on the MultimedQA.

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Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Might be worth looking at Researcher Access Program application

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