Accents missing in function arguments - GPT 3.5 Model 1106

Hello, in French, Italian, Spanish etc it seems that accented characters are not returned correctly in the arguments of a function call. For example: “tool_calls”: [{“id”: “call_dbofI7WUkQJskrS2Qfb6zagb”,“type”: “function”,“function”: {
“name”: “searchVideo”,“arguments”: “{"videoDescription":"Recette canard laqu\\","}” the “é” of “laqué” in French is missing, replaced/escaped by \\ .

This only happens with the GPT 3.5 1106 model (the accents are ok with the “standard” 3.5 model).

If someone has an idea ? A “charset” header, an instruction? Thank you for your help.

P.S. it’s very strange because sometimes it’s OK if the accent is not at the end of the text…

Yes, this is a major issue with the new 1106 models affecting everything relying on them to make tool calls: assistants, retrieval, functions. No, the solution offered below doesn’t work.

Thank you for the quick reply, I didn’t seen this post. So let’s wait :slightly_smiling_face: