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i am working on the medical domain using openai. The goal is to enrich the knowledge base from various sources NORD, Orphanet, Clinical Trials.gov, and Rare Diseases. The files will be uploaded with data related to diseases, symptoms, medicines, dose, and interaction with drugs. After uploading the files, one can search for disease information, given symptoms - disease and drug (medicine). You can also query for dosage, and interaction with drugs, brand information.


I have an ecommerce store sashomedecor.com that i’d like to set gpt3 up with. I am learning how to set up api data feeds. Im not a developer but i am doing whatever it takes to learn how to connect api data feeds. I can connect the keys. Im using the art generator to make home decor photos but when I ask it make a logo for SASV. It gives me every other variation but the one I need. I dont get it . Nice to meet everyone and thanks for having me.

Hello Raf and everyone who will be interested :wink:
first sorry for my english.
Here what I am working on, which is fully operational :slight_smile:

We communicate with computers through interfaces such as keyboards, screens, etc. These interfaces require us to hold, look at, or perform specific gestures in order to interact with them. However, imagine an interface that does not require any of these actions.

As human beings, we are constantly moving and adjusting our balance in order to maintain an upright position. This process is complex and involves the continuous correction of our balance by our inner ear and dynamic muscle system. In addition to this, we are not robotic in our movements and have many physiological processes going on, such as heart and respiratory function. We are also constantly influenced by and interacting with our environment, unconsciously considering and anticipating actions, projecting intentions and preferences, and seeking out interactions. These continuous and variable processes are expressed through continuous and variable body movements, as well as the micro movements of our head.

The behavioral interface utilizes these natural and continuous head micro movements as a means of data input, instead of a keyboard or touch screen. It is based on two psycho-physiological constants that make it directly usable by all people, regardless of disability, including blind individuals. Our perception is spatialized in a multidimensional “bubble” that is oriented in the direction of our eyes and feet, and our ability to interact with our environment involves the symbolic construction of a “bubble” centered on ourselves and oriented along our visual vector. This “bubble” is dynamic and its geometry changes over time and according to the user’s behavior, and is described by a multidimensional function of the user’s behavior.

The behavioral interface recreates a digital clone of this dynamic bubble, or metaverse, in which all kinds of real or virtual objects can be integrated. A range of content can be associated with these objects based on natural or artificial parameters and levels of interest. The system can also measure the level of interest a person has in these objects."

Hey OpenAI community!

I’m the creator of Superpower ChatGPT Chrome Extension.

Here are some of the extra features the extension adds to the ChatGPT UI.
• Export
• Input History
• Prompt Library.
• Word and character counters
• Copy button
• Timestamps for all chats


I’m researching men’s experiences using chatbots for mental health:

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I am working on integrating a GPT-3 interface into my website, using VB.NET. The result is shown here: https://ai-labs.nl/gpt3/chatbox1.aspx

Hello, I’m working on a suite of ethical technologies incorporated into a charity, whose operation can consensually crowdfund AI innovation at the EYFS and earlier stages of the global curriculum

I am trying to develop a client based on ChatGPT that supports the features provided by the official client and some enhanced features, such as quick input prompts, to avoid having to type or copy lengthy prompts every time. I also plan to support full voice interaction so that illiterate parents can also enjoy the latest technology.
demo ref: https://chat.ai-assist.moe/

If interested, you can deploy it yourself

docker run -itd --name chat-server \
  -e OPENAI_API_KEY=your-api-key \
  -p 8080:8080 \

I created pdfgpt.io which can chat with uploaded PDFs. And get summaries or answers to your question.

We built a enterprise-class platform called CustomGPT where businesses can build their own ChatGPT powered chatbot - with their own data (like website content, CRM databases, helpdesk articles, company documents, etc).

Over the last 30 days since launch, we have added over 100+ features to our platform and are seeing significant interest from enterprises.

Would love to get the thoughts of this community about our platform customgpt.ai - thanks much !

Love it - is this live? My son (11th grade) just built a similar system - I’m curious how it went for you.

Hello Everyone!,

I’m Claire, I work with the Blockchain projects such as M2E , P2E, Metaverse, Alts, and NFTs- all are already live on ios, web and android.

> I’m looking for the right person to talk to about the possible partnership opportunity on Blockchain Space. Open AI / GPT as Part of our Intergration tools our ecosystem.

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to bring the future of digital ownership to life while providing an enjoyable experience for our community accross globe.

Anyone interested todo a partnership with us and get to know more details ,
let’s connect on LinkedIn

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