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This category is for all discussions related to OpenAI Codex, an AI that translates natural language into code.

Example topics for this category include:

  • General discussion of your experiences with Codex.
  • Prompt assistance for Codex.
  • Feedback on Codex.
  • Discussions related to the risk and safety of Codex.
  • Share interesting Codex outputs with fellow developers.
  • Share Codex project collaboration requests.

We ask that you direct questions about Codex access and the waitlist to support@openai.com and refrain from posting them here.


I love codex, that doesnt mean that it doesnt has mto be better, it sometimes bugs a bit, but is fun

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I love Codex! It’s helping me with my studying a lot!

from what I’ve seen this search engine has the potential to be the next google