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I have a UI suggestion:

We see our history of “Chats” in the left hand column. Several of these engagements with your system are ongoing - like revisiting an active work session, because the stuff I am asking it to do, is consistent or building upon the work we have done previously, in that same chat session. I would really like a way to PIN these ongoing sessions to the top of the left hand column for quick access (rather than scrolling down searching), followed by the chronological history.

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When accessing ChatGPT via browser, it would be very helpful to have the first line of the reply indicate the date (or date/time) when the response is generated. I work with many topics where I’ve submitted prompts over periods of many months, and I would like to be able to see when I asked particular questions.

I have a very simple request. Pinning conversations. I have different chats for various topics. I would really like to be able to pin the favorites to the top of the pile.

I’ve noticed that one of my most common actions is to scroll up and search previous points in the conversation, which consume time and efforts.
I would be very happy if there would’ve been ability to “star” or flag specific locations in the conversation the user would like to return to.
A menu to access starred locations floating around with ability to hide\show on bottom bar.
Thank you!

I have a handful of conversations that pertain to a project I’m working on. It would be great to have folders or tags or something I can use to group these conversations together, and access them all with one click.

  1. Learning and modifications of future answers based on past, local data sets would be helpful, such as an ongoing custom instruction.

  2. The ability to safely and securely use confidential information without possible violation of NDA’s or threat of info leaks would change the world and allow more users to more freely use Chatgpt for more, practical business.

Hi, I would like to see a countdown of the remaining gpt 4 uses remaining if you plan on keeping it at 50/3hrs.