About dropdown menu for GPT-4/GPT-3.5/Plugins for newbie

Hi, I’m a total and complete newbie, at that point where I don’t even know what I don’t know. I’m a “20$ a month” user, whatever that’s called, and I have a zillion questions, of which I’ll post one-at-a-time.

Q: in the ChatGPT UI that’s in a browser, in the right panel (where the chat takes place) is a dropdown menu on the top-left called ChatGPT 4.

The dropdown has three mutually exclusive options,

My question is this: what if I want to use a plugin while I’m using GPT-4? Why would these be mutually exclusive?

Plugins are no longer supported, and might be just turned off soon. I couldn’t find any working the last time I went exploring. The replacement is “GPTs”.

You can get rid of the confusion of that selection in the drop-down menu by going to the settings menu, (which is a click on your username at lower left), choosing “Beta Features”, and moving the slider for plugins to off.

When you start a new chat (which now is just the word “ChatGPT” in the upper left), you can select between the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. GPT-3.5 is the same as the free version of ChatGPT, with fast responses directly from an AI without extra distraction, while GPT-4 is smarter and takes more time to process.

GPT-4 also is preloaded with the skills advertised: The DALL-E Image Creator, the web browsing backend that lets the AI search for current events, and advanced data analysis, also called code interpreter, which lets the AI write and run python in its own environment to do calculations and process files. The AI will use them automatically if the task can be improved by code results (for example “roll 100 truly-random dice and tell me the total”) or internet information (what’s the latest version of MacOSX?).

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