About Chat GPT features and improvements April


Thank you for your continued support.I have some improvements to make and I will summarize them in bullet points.

-When I upload a pdf in chatgpt on IOS and want to delete it, the delete symbol is too small and does not respond.I often open pdfs.I would like you to fix it so that I can delete in one shot.

-I’ve been using chatgpt on IOS for a while now and it won’t generate until the end.It keeps getting stuck on the load button and won’t generate until the end.I thought my wifi at home was slow, so I tried using my cell phone connection, but it’s the same.Please fix it.

-I’ve asked it to make a table, but it doesn’t do it.It is the case of a long sentence.I want chat got to describe the contents of long sentences in a table.If there are instructions at the end of the text field, please follow them.

-Also Sometimes, the letters are not capitalized because they stop at an asterisk.

That’s all.Thank you in advance.