About chat gpt feature improvements


I have some requests for improvements, so I will summarize them below in bullet points.

I would like to see better background functionality on Ios. When I switch apps and return to the chatgpt app, whether in low power mode or normal mode, the generation stops. This is fine if I go back to it immediately, but if I work on other apps for a long time, the generation stops when I return to it. Please fix this.

When I make a word list, I put words in the prompt, and it used to generate a table format quickly, but now it slows down because of the analysis. I don’t need the parsing.

That’s all. Thank you very much for all your help.

“analyzing” is the AI improperly emitting a call to python sandbox when there is no reason, and you have requested a task that the ChatGPT AI can do itself. This is an ongoing problem that has become prominent in the last weeks that is not addressed yet.