About Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Hello , In October 2021 I have tested OpenAI API and I have also built my first A.I app through OpenAI API . My app was name was My A.I (virtual assistant app).
I am a high school student and in this case can I claim myself as an Artificial Intelligence Researcher of OpenAI for a period of time then ?

Why do you care so much about “titles”?

Getting recognized from OpenAI as an A.I researcher will definitely inspire me for my “Technology Researching” field journey ; that’s why I care about “Titles” .

OpenAI doesn’t recognize anyone who’s not working at the company. They are an AGI company, not a “title” recognizing company or college.

Moreover, if you’re working into deep tech, like directly on ML models, well then there’s probability. But here you’re just using AI models at a cost.
If you’re just dabbling around with their API/products, with a goal to solve, you can call yourself a researcher, but not an “AI researcher”.

End of the day, they mean nothing. Your work should speak for itself.