Ability to bookmark specific replies

I love the model and the product itself - it has continued to impressed me in it’s accuracy as well as it’s ability to provide context and multiple options.

Feature I’d love to see:
Having the ability to “Favorite” or “Bookmark” certain responses would be wonderful - many times I’ve gone on a journey with the model to figure out some very obscure solution (that solves the problem) but want a way to continue the conversation but also easily get back to that point.

Ideation of this feature:

  • Favorites can show in their own part in your account so you can see a index/master list of them all (table view with date, name of chat, etc)
  • Favorites show as a Table of Contents menu within the Chat on the left side bar which act as jump / anchor links to bring you to them (or just open in a new window/modal for the specific reply with the option to “Go to place in chat”)

I’m happy to expand upon this more but I see a lot of value you in making previous history a resource center. Especially since there’s no current way (to my knowledge) to search (which would be unhelpful anyway given the volume of words/responses).

Cheers (love what you all are doing),