Ability to abort ChatGPT reply


EDIT: this was implemented!

I’m having a great time trying out ChatGPT. One annoying aspect is the inability to interrupt/cancel/abort the reply while it’s being generated. ChatGPT has the tendency to try to be helpful by spitting out lots of unnecessary explanations after giving a reply, and while one can try engineering the prompt not to output them, I often find myself waiting forever for the full, irrelevant reply to arrive (consuming precious compute time, I suppose) only to immediately throw it away to iterate on the prompt.

Can you provide the ability to interrupt a ChatGPT web UI reply while it’s being displayed, just like in the OpenAI Playground?



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I absolutely agree; it would be very help if there was a way to stop it’s reply.


This would be a great feature to have. I’ve run into the issue once or twice where I accidentally type/paste the wrong thing to ask it and then it takes too long answering a question I didn’t mean to ask.

I totally agree. I was also looking for a way to make answers faster. “no preliminaries” helped me a bit. Looking forward to improving this further.

I was about to create a new Feedback with exactly this.
It would also be acceptable to be able to submit a new prompt in the chat which would abort further generation of the previous reply

I have figured out how to stop it. Refresh the page by F5 and then edit your last question and just say Thank you and resubmit.

While this works, it might be part of the reason the service keeps going down as you’re making the server work for an answer that will never return to you… Just something to think about!

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Thanks Paul. I totally agree. I dont do this regularly. Only when Chat GPT start to provide a long answer to incorrect question. Rarely though.

From the changelog:

Stop generating: Based on your feedback, we’ve added the ability to stop generating ChatGPT’s response

And indeed there is a stop button now! Thanks!