A very rage and sensitive topic about racism

Yep. This is a rage topic. Delete it if you don’t care about racism.
So, what is a racism?
Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their [race or ethnicity]. Racism can be present in social actions, practices, or political systems that support the expression of [prejudice] or aversion in discriminatory practices.
So basically, it is a prejudice towards people that born “in the wrong place” or “wrong way”.
I am a Buryat. Yep. That race that is getting vaporized by Russian government. Every day I see hundreds upon hundreds of people getting sent to a slaugher house. Every day I think to myself, will I get sent tomorrow? Every day I think to myself, what if somebody snitches on me and I will be serving a jail time? Basically, I hate my government. But I hate something even more than my government - Racism. And here is where our “heroes” chat GPT developers come to save the day. They don’t really want to see who you are. You can be really anyone, even a good citizen that hates war, even if you’re Yashin or Navalni that literally sacrificed their freedom for their country - you still won’t get access to new technologies of chat GPT. You know why? Because Yashin and Navalni are Russians. If somebody is russian - they are bad. Lives in Russia = bad. What’s up with this fucked up logic? This is really fucked up! I mean why I should be discriminated just because I was born here? Excuse me for what are you doing this? For me to go to war against my own government? If so, how are you even somewhat different than Putin himself? In mine perspective both you and the government try to sent me in a slaughter house. I will be dead if I say something. How can you not see this? Why am I can’t use chat GPT while the whole WORLD uses it? WHOLE WORLD praises and cheers for it, literally licking it whole while I seat on the back seat not allowed to join this party only because I am “born in the wrong place”. Only because I am “born with the wrong race” So… How is this not Racism?