A travel bot about visiting Paris: search or answers endpoint + other newbie questions

Bonjour everyone! Very new here, trying to get a couple of concepts clearer, hope you guys can help.

I’m a Parisian tour guide and was thinking of turning my knowledge into a bot you can ask questions about Paris. There are many topics to cover: where to stay (neighborhoods but also specific hotels), where to eat (same!), what to do on different times of the day/year, when to come, typical budget, but also some less specific questions like safety/scammers. So it would be like a very thorough and opinionated wikitravel page about Paris.

Could it even design an X day itinerary for you based on your likes and musts??

  1. Which end point should I use? Answers or search?
  2. Any advice on how to structure my jsonl(s) ?
  3. A noob question: will OpenAI count all the tokens in my files over and over as part of my quota for every request? Or once it’s “uploaded”, it won’t count it again?

Thanks in advance for your time!


Salut @topercer.peter une super idée. I’m new to AI myself and probably my answer will not be “tech” useful, but from the point of view of how to build a business on that I would suggest something like:

1 Create a directory / travel tips website with all your knowledge base classified (use something easy for that with API open like WordPress) - this is how people will find you (via google + directory places you would sell)
2 Get the content for that website organized (yours and/or the one from common sources)
3 Use content from that website as source for your jsonl file with purpose answers
4 Use Answers endpoint to create a chat bot to get answers from knowledge base
5 Add chatbot to the site

I’m definitely interested in your project, let me know how it goes.


@sergeliatko your answer is helpful to me, too. I want users to search my website contents. My website already exists and I have csv files of the content. So now I want to connect my wordpress (staging) site to the API and use the search endpoint. Users should be able to input their search into the search box on my site, and the results are provided in order of relevance, based on GPT-3 ranking. What do you think?

Hey there I am a guide from Nepal…have been thinking pretty much similar and looking for ways to upload all the info on jasonl, but sounds expensive as document can have more than 20k words.

I just saw your post and curious if you have managed to work on better ways and would be open to share that?

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Hi, please define “proprietary” in this context.

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anyone have answer to 3rd question

They idea is to answer precisely for curious user about their queries using gpt-3 to understand questions, asked in various different ways…

And I have this question also if you guide that would be help if we generate some service around idea generation so what should be my approach like what should be in my prompt so each and every time its generate new ideas only not the repetitive and based on user inputs like
School, sports, any kind of social work