A thing for celebration: multiple actions have arrived

I hope you have noticed by now they have quietly introduced the multiple actions many people have been calling for.


It is such a big deal. They did it so quietly. It is AMAZING! :heart:


Can you give a newbie an example of what you would need multiple actions for - I need to level up!

Suppose you have a GPT called My Top Universities

It uses the first “Connected account” to research on all the U.S. universities. After the AI assesses them, and recommends you apply for 3 of them.

Then, it uses the second “Connected account” to complete the application processes.

That is just a simple example, but the opportunities will be endless. Imagine you could use the actions to manage your entire business process.

The assistant demo covers this:


I reported this issue few days ago, so they had no choice but to comply :wink:

And yes, it works fine. Already created a chatbot that can post issues to Slack and Github.

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