A TEXT-based AI doesn't know, what a line break is?

I wanted to translate a text with literal speech into other languages.
I specifically instructed the AI to use line breaks instead of paragraphs, everytime a new character starts to speak. Like always, it says, that it will do it, but still uses the damn paragraphs.
The more I use this thing, the more I question, why I’m paying for it in the first place, since its paid version is as stupid as the free one.
The thing is, that it CAN produce the results, that I want, but not even remotely consistent. This is utter garbage. Not even examples of its own outputs are able to help it understand.

Is there any way, or even another service, that actually does, what I’m paying it for?

This is apparently, what a line break is to the ai.

“Can I help you with any of this? It’s all Greek to me,” she said. “I’m not sure myself, given the cryptic language,” he replied, lost in thought. ‘On another plane’… don’t they usually say ‘or he dies’ or something like that? He kept this thought to himself, not wanting to distress Nicole further. “Let’s see if the World Wide Web can help us out,” he suggested. “Ok. I’ll look into Desi,” said Nicole, pulling out her smartphone. “I can’t make heads or tails of the rest.” “Alright,” David said, powering up his laptop.

A linefeed character, \n, is the way that the AI produces new lines or blank lines.

I don’t understand what you would want here. You want it not to leave any blank lines?

Give examples in your prompt, and tell the AI not to produce empty lines between the roles:


Simulate a conversation about particle physics between two physicists for 10 exchanges.

Output format example:
Character 1: blah blah
Character 2: myet, nyet
Character 1: ooga booga

Important: produce only a single linefeed at the end of lines, no blank lines are permitted between roles.


Physicist 1: Have you heard about the latest results from the LHC?
Physicist 2: Yes, I did. They’re intriguing, especially the anomalies in the Higgs sector.
Physicist 1: Exactly! Could this be an indication of new physics beyond the Standard Model?
Physicist 2: It’s too early to tell, but it’s definitely exciting. Maybe hints of supersymmetry?
Physicist 1: Supersymmetry would be groundbreaking. But what about the neutrino sector? Any developments there?
Physicist 2: Neutrinos continue to be mysterious. We need more precise experiments to determine their mass hierarchy.

Thank you for your help!
The output displayed in ChatGPT isn’t the problem… pasting it into word or google docs is.

Output in ChatGPT:
“Find anything down there?” Nicole asked, locking eyes with him.
“Nothing that should be making noise on its own,” David replied, his face etched with concern. “Stay here.”
He grabbed a knife from the kitchen block, opened the door, and cautiously made his way down the stairs.

Pasted into Word:
“Find anything down there?” Nicole asked, locking eyes with him. “Nothing that should be making noise on its own,” David replied, his face etched with concern. “Stay here.” He grabbed a knife from the kitchen block, opened the door, and cautiously made his way down the stairs.

Sometimes, out of sheer luck, if I regenerate the output often enough, it works. I tried feeding the output back to the AI, telling it, thats how I want it. Only to have the same issue again.

You might have better luck with selecting all the text of a reply in the interface instead of pressing the copy button. Or just the opposite of what you’re doing.

  • Copy button: get the generated plain text of AI including markdown formatting codes;
  • Select + copy: copies the HTML in which the page was rendered, and which can be reinterpreted by rich text handling of a program upon paste.

You can see that with only single line breaks in our conversation turns, the HTML code is formatted by style elements but the HTML code you’d copy by selection is a single block.


Doesn’t matter if I use the copy button or select & copy. It still has paragraphs in it.
Investigating the text did find something though.
If it works, it shows the linebreaks. If not, there are a lot of seperate paragraphs.
I tried prompting it, to relate to the correct format, but it is too dumb to follow along.

Translate this text from my novel into american english following the rules below:

  1. maintain sentences, that are thoughts in cursive
  2. convert euro measurements into imperial
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO paragraphs inbetween sencences, except they start with someone new speaking. Use the example in the round brackets, and format your output accordingly, without adding “static text” and “lineBreak” to every sentence.
    (StaticText “Throughout the cooking and well past the meal, David told her about his family, their tragic loss, and his resolution to find a way to bring them back. He’d expected incredulity when he mentioned his time machine, but she didn’t even bat an eye. His keen nature picked up on that, and he was profoundly relieved that he didn’t have to justify himself in any way.”
    LineBreak " "
    StaticText ““A real time machine. Holy shit,” she exclaimed. “I’ve read lots of books and watched movies on the subject. Fascinating concept with far-reaching consequences.””
    LineBreak " "
    StaticText ““You’re into that sort of thing?” David asked, surprised. She looked at him quizzically. “Don’t get me wrong. Most women I’ve met in my life don’t really care for such topics,” he said.”
    LineBreak " "
    StaticText ““No offense taken. Most people I know probably fit that bill too. But the way you talk about it makes it sound like it could actually happen,” she said.”
    LineBreak " "
    StaticText ““Well,” David hesitated, lowering his eyes. “It’s not functional yet. But I’m on the right track. Progress is measurable.””
    LineBreak " "
    StaticText ““So what’s with the mirrors?” Nicole asked, her curiosity piqued. “I’m no dummy, as you’ve probably noticed.””
    LineBreak " "
    StaticText "“Okay, so,” he began, taking a deep breath. )

Hello everyone,
@tardis5 it seems to me more a problem related to paste action. Maybe there is some hidden special formatting option which is not interpreted correctly during the paste.

If my guess is correct, try to paste the response text without any formatting option: Edit, Paste Options, Keep Text Only in Word or Edit, Paste without formatting in Google Docs. Or simply press Ctrl+Shift+V where you need to paste your text.

Again, if my guess is correct, you can also try to paste your text in Notepad, copy it back from Notepad, then paste it in your Word/Docs document.

With ChatGPT, the free one, I did a series of tests, using the physicists example of @_j , both copying the text with ‘Copy button’ and using ‘Select + copy’.
Everything works no problems, even without using the paste text without any formatting option trick.
It is for this reason that I suspect it is a problem local to your Word/OS configuration, not related to the AI model output.