A similar method for the deprecated createAnswer [OpenAI API]

Hi all!

For development, the method from the API ‘openai’ suited me very well. The method createAnswer, is currently marked in the library as obsolete.

I also found documentation on it: OpenAI API.

With this method, it was very easy to make a support chat on your platform, which was based on the documentation.

If this method was removed from the API, what analog was provided? What fits its functionality now?

I would be grateful for an answer! Have a nice day!

Welcome to the community @vlad.m.dev

You’ll find the Answers Transition Guide useful.

Thank you)

I looked at the documentation you linked, and some of the links are no longer up to date, e.g:

I write in JavaScript, I use the openAI library, I make a small library for Vue and React and I don’t like backend options.

I guess it’s possible to do what I need with the Completions endpoint: "If you’re using a small dataset (<10,000 documents), consider using the techniques described in that guide to finding the best documents to construct a prompt similar to this. Then, you can just submit that prompt to our Completions endpoint. - only I don’t really understand how it should work in the example.

The two links are to the deprecated Answers endpoint docs and API reference, not necessary at all.

This’ll be useful in addition to the link I shared.