A science fiction story collab with GPT-3

I feel I’m getting closer and closer to something.


I’m a college English teacher, and I’m interested in how we can use AI as a tool for drafting writing. My collaborator and I are offering a GPT3-supported Creative Writing class at our school in the Spring semester that starts this upcoming January. It looks like you’re working on some similar stuff with AI, and I was wondering if you’d like to chat about it sometime? Get in touch whenever,


Hi Sara,

I am a father of three, 50 years old, programmer and photographer. In my whole life I have learned all thinks that I would like into it by myself. The only one think that I had difficult was languages, in special English. I decided to improve my English skills in many diferentes ways. I not sure if I understood your post. I am search about any project that using GPT-3 / OpenAI that can really tech English to someone. I chatting every day in OpenAI chatbox and I am very impress about it.

You as a English teach, I think not person that teach English for beginner but English for writer, do you know any project can be really effective to allow anybody to learn any language with it?

ps; This text is very confuse, but is a way that I try to use English in a real world.

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Hi, Boudinot

I’ll read your text. I am very interesting to know how to use GPT-3 to get help to write.

see you.

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