A Proposal for Incentivizing Respectful rewarding on GPT for a better world

I propose implementing a ‘politeness ranking’ system in OpenAI services to encourage respectful online behavior. This system would reward users demonstrating polite and respectful interactions with benefits like increased processing power. Drawing from my experience in leading a visual effects company with more than 1000 employees over time, I’ve observed that educated, respectful individuals foster healthier work environments. Similarly, incentivizing positive online conduct could cultivate a more constructive digital community, especially among younger users influenced by social media. This initiative aligns with OpenAI’s commitment to ethical AI use and could set a new standard for digital civility that will spread silently around them.

simple; “Write with kindness and respect to access the full potential of OpenAI’s power and features. For those less considerate or polite, a change in the air encourages a shift towards a more respectful approach over time.”

The bigs changes come from small things!