A plugin to access my meal plan/shopping list through my fitness app

I’d love a plugin to access my meal plan/shopping list through my fitness app, Centr.
Having a plugin that links to a grocery store’s shopping website, so I can have groceries ordered and delivered easily, just like the Instacart plugin.
An Amazon plugin would be incredibly useful for finding highly rated and well-priced products.
I’d love to have iCloud calendar and Apple Reminders plugins with ChatGPT to plan daily and weekly easily.
A plugin allowing access to apps like Centr and Nike Run Club would help me plan workouts.
ChatGPT’s ability to see my meal plan and workout schedules, along with certain health data (such as weight, height, gender, sleep, basal metabolic rate, etc.), could allow for an automatic selection of snacks on Centr to supplement meals.
If ChatGPT could remember dietary preferences and understand serving sizes for families, that’d make meal planning a breeze.
A plugin that could access Canvas Student and see my deadlines and grades would be excellent, so it could offer insights into when and how long to study for specific assignments and exams.
Also, if I could use plugins to help act as a tutor, as Khan Academy does with the GPT-4 API, that’d be great.
A plugin that could help create comprehensive templates for notes according to lectures, homework, existing notes, and syllabus material in Notion would be amazing.
Plugins for good search engines (such as Google, university library search engines, or YouTube) could provide excellent results when searching for material on a subject.
Having these plugins in ChatGPT would streamline my tasks and my family’s tasks and save time by automating various activities in one place.

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