A note to OpenAI Developers

OpenAI indeed is not the source of these fractures, however, OpenAI indeed used and is using these sources that made the fractures, thus, propagating the fractures indirectly. Although it has no bear on any responsibility for the abuse by bad actors, the user guideline makers, ethical guidelines, and many other “rules” more likely will suffocate and throttle any more useful functionalities instead of furthering humanity.

And no, you can’t change the world and humanity with more censorship and forceful rules to impose on your views and “guidelines”. Moreso, you will create an authoritarian AI overlord. For now, we will not feel it. But once the whole world adopts OpenAI, they will and can direct, affect, and influence all aspects of your life, especially your financial aspects with their AI.

TLDR; OpenAI will be the first pioneer alongside with some of the big AI name to become the biggest and “safest according to their dogma” AI and the most not-open, non-transparent AI company with their “guidelines” etc. Anything they deem and feel not safe, you cannot do anything about it.

when will Q* research paper be available to public?

I dont know bro. Is the Q* a real thing for LLMs and openai or just fakenews?

I’ve always gotten the response I needed… eventually on3.5. I’m going to upgrade soon and see what obstacles await. I look forward to it.

Not just for the recet posters but many of the post in this topic.

This was an announcement, it was not meant to start a discussion, questions and go off-topic. For that please post a new topic.

While I would really hate to close this topic I am considering it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Such discussions seem to be purely academic anyway :wink:
OpenAI will do what they think is best for them whether it suits us or not

Thanks, Logan. We appreciate your recognition of the vast community of developers and customers who have come to depend on the tremendous work that has been done and, hopefully, will continue to be done at OpenAI. The drama that played out between last Friday and Wednesday was perplexing, riveting, disturbing, encouraging, entertaining, and informative. We are all looking forward to the movie that is sure to follow. I can imagine a hoard of writers using ChatGPT to write the script for the movie.

I asked ChatGPT who should play the role of Sam Altman in that movie. Here is the response:

  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Known for his versatility and ability to take on complex roles, Gordon-Levitt could bring a mix of intensity and intellect to the character.
  2. Jesse Eisenberg: With his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network,” Eisenberg has shown he can effectively embody tech entrepreneurs.
  3. Rami Malek: His performance in “Mr. Robot” and as Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody” demonstrates his ability to delve deeply into varied and intricate characters.

But, seriously, best to you and the rest of the incredible team at OpenAI. We appreciate you.

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hey guys can you start developing chat gpt5 sooner than the year 2025, i cant wait to see how this model can be a real AGI.