A GPT that plays Heroes of Adventure, a Creative Commons D&D clone

Heroes of Adventure - first full rules based Tabletop RPG is on GPT - LIVE NOW https://chat.openai.com/g/g-WKGAXC82m-hoa-gpt

This is a work in progress but the game is fully playable (up to a point). Combat, inventory, dialog, locations, game rules are working. The AI has full knowledge of the game and plays as the dungeon master (Referee) for the HoA game module “Lair of the Mutant”.

The plugin is based on DungeonGod-AGI, my open source AGI D&D playing framework https://github.com/benjcooley/dungeongod-agi

https://nameless-designer.itch.io/heroes-of-adventure (D&D Tabletop Game, manuals, modules, etc.))

The game is still a bit rough around the edges, but does support a general system for playable game modules, a usable and effects system with passive and active effects, inventory, combat, all the rules, etc. This is a port of Table Top RPG’s (HoA is one example) to a python game engine to keep the AI “honest” and do all the bookkeeping, stats, die rolls, etc. (save games) while still allowing the AI to be creative and play the module as a Dungeon Master would.

DungeonGOD-AGI the python engine is a multi tabletop game AI emulator (with HoA being the only game implemented presently). It currently supports GPTs and Discord/OpenAI but the system is modular and can support any combination of chatbots, games like classic D&D (which I have not implemented yet), etc.

There is a yaml/json schema for the module format, party and characters, items, and rules. And in the future I hope to have it be able to just auto-convert .PDF files directly to engine compatible files.

GPT plays the game fairly well, though it could benefit from some training. It always wants to make large lists of things, and constantly asks what the players want to do next, but it’s very good at role playing the characters and it plays the monsters in combat pretty well.

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