A few questions of free and paid plans

Hello folks i am bit confused i am interested on this services mostly for coding in the openai page is chat gpt on rhe link try it, i used for free, what is the difference with the paid plan? Can be plugged on my vscode editor to check the code of a whole project? As i understand davinci is the most powerful, in paid plan can i set davinci to help me to code?
Thanks you so much.

Hello Ivan,

Using the models via API calls => paid. Accessible on: OpenAI API
Chatting with Chat-GPT online => free. Accessible on: https://chat.openai.com/chat

Cost of API calls is measured in tokens (see here) and differs depending on the model you use.
da-vinci-003 is the closest to Chat-GPT but is not as good.
I would not attempt to check the code of a whole project. I assume it’s 1000’s words => more than one prompt on ChatGPT. Instead, break it down by parts and try reviewing specific elements. Chat GPT is great for that.

PS: You also have several AI-powered plugins for VS-code (like Copilot), but I don’t know much about them.

No. Copilot is a code completion VSC extension. It does not “check code of a whole project”.

You may be able to use ChatGPT to check methods (not an entire project); however you cannot trust ChatGPT to check production code quality and syntax. However, ChatGPT will check syntax and can be useful, see for example:


Can you check the syntax of code?


Yes, I can check the syntax of code. Please provide me with the code you would like me to check.


Ruby::OpenAI.configure do |config|
        config.access_ztoken = ENV.fetch('OPENAI_ACCESS_TOKEN')
        config.organization_oid = ENV.fetch('OPENAI_ORGANIZATION_ID') # Optional.


This code is also written in Ruby and appears to be configuring the OpenAI gem as well. However, it seems to have a typo error. The variable name access_ztoken is not correct, it should be access_token to match the variable name that the OpenAI gem is expecting. Also the variable name organization_oid should be organization_id to match the variable name that the OpenAI gem is expecting. Please fix these variable names and try again.

My Comment for @ivan.vilches

This syntax check of this small code snippet by ChatGPT was correct.